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starting from € 79 to TAXI (*)
* cars with 6-7 seats.
Duration of the excursion about 2 hour

Note: the cars available (5 or 7 seats) are limited, CONTACT US for time and book your excursion. Customize your excursion by asking your driver for information.

After a short journey through the historic center of Savona we will reach Priamar, the famous fortress where Giuseppe Mazzini was imprisoned. Symbol of the city from the imposing structure above the port and the first nucleus of the city, is now home of the archaeological museum of Savona. Continuing the walk by car we will reach the center, where you can visit the Cathedral and the adjacent Sistine Chapel. Continue by car through the narrow streets of the “carruggi” of the medieval center to get to Piazza Sisto IV, headquarters of the Municipality, and then visit all the most beautiful squares of Savona including Piazza Mameli and its monument to the fallen of all wars. We will cross the shopping street of Savona Via Paleocapa and we will arrive under the glass palace, seat of the provincial administration, and at the railway station both designed by the engineer and architect P.L. Nervi. So we will arrive on the seafront to admire the extension and the Ligurian coast. At the end of the visit to Savona we will reach one of the oldest ceramics workshops in Albissola. In the ceramics shop, we will be able to admire and learn about the different traditional decorations: “old Albissola”, in white and blue, “Mezzaro” Ligurian, with its delicate colors, and we will also find some modern decorations inspired by Paul Klee’s drawings. We will return to the port passing through Savona high to admire, if the day permits, the splendid Ligurian Gulf.

Price of the Albissola and Savona excursion starting from € 79,00

All our taxis can, on request, issue a receipt and invoice (VAT exempt or 10% according to law), and offer payments with the most prestigious credit cards (service to be requested when booking the excursion).

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