Project Description

Excursion ‘WATER PARK’
starting from € 240 to TAXI (*)
* cars with 6-7 seats.

Duration of the excursion approximately 6 hours (including travel time and waiting time at the park of 5 hours).

Note: the cars available (5 or 7 seats) are limited, CONTACT US for time and book your excursion. Customize your excursion by asking your driver for information.

From the port of Savona we will leave for the Le Caravelle Water Park, located in Ceriale, just outside of ALBENGA, which we will reach after about an hour’s journey. Your driver will remain at your disposal during your stay at the entrance to the park, so you will experience the Foam lanes to slide side by side and share the emotions, the quiet and relaxing currents of the Slow River, the relaxation of a refreshing hydromassage in the quiet ‘”Island that… there is”. What else? The huge, calm swimming pool which becomes tumultuous waves to ride. The colorful toboggans with their snakes, the “kamikaze” slides for the most daring, the tentacles of the magic octopus or the conquest of the “Aztec pyramid” for the joy of the children. An exciting descent on ciambelloni through “the cave of Huracan”, along the rapids of the “Rio Bravo” and “Rio Colorado, and finally an exciting challenge between friends at the beach volleyball courts. “Aquadance”, the only aquatic disco in Italy, shows offered by professional actors and the train that runs through the park and leads guests to explore the attractions. You will have about 5 hours of free time to enjoy the attractions that you are more interested in. After spending a fun day we will return to Savona on board your taxi.

Price for the Parco Acquatico excursion starting from €. 240.00

Booking this excursion via e-mail or WhatsApp, 10% discount on the list price.
All-inclusive formula: motorway toll transfer (admission ticket excluded) and maximum waiting time of 5 hours after which a surcharge of € 19.90/hour will be applied.
All our taxis can, on request, issue a receipt and invoice (VAT exempt or 10% according to law), and accept payments with the most prestigious credit cards. (service to be requested when booking the tour).

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