Project Description

Excursion ‘GENOA + AQUARIUM’
starting from € 190 to TAXI (*)
* cars with 6-7 seats.
Duration of the excursion about 5 hours (including travel time and waiting 3 hours)

Note: the cars available (5 or 7 seats) are limited, CONTACT US for time and book your excursion. Customize your excursion by asking your driver for information.

Thanks to the rapid movement of our cars you can combine these two fantastic excursions with the advantage of seeing two wonders of our region known all over the world.
Tropical fish, sponges and corals; sharks, seals and even the first transatlantic voyage and the area of ​​the Old Port. The marine universe and the adventure of first trips in the Atlantic Ocean will be presented during the visits of the Ligurian capital, excursions that include a tour to the superb Genoa or a visit to the famous aquarium and the new Sea Museum.

Excursion price Genoa + Aquarium starting from € 190.00.

Booking this excursion via e-mail or WhatsApp, 10% discount on the list price.

All-inclusive formula: motorway toll transfer (excluding Genoa Aquarium ticket and Genoa shuttle) and maximum waiting time of 3 (1 + 2) hours after which a surcharge of € 19.90/hour will be applied.
All our taxis can, on request, issue a receipt and invoice (VAT exempt or 10% according to law), and offer payments with the most prestigious credit cards. (service to be requested when booking the excursion).