Project Description

Savona – ‘GROTTE DI TOIRANO’ round trip
from € 150 per TAXI (*)
* car with 6-7 seats.

Duration about 4 hours (including travel time to and from the caves and waiting time of 2 hours).

Note: available cars (5 or 7 seats) are limited, CONTACT US in time and enjoy your trip. Customise your trip by asking your driver for information.

The beautiful caves of Toirano represent an exciting adventure into the bowels of the earth. You will get to know a spectacular and unique underground world located in the immediate hinterland of the western Ligurian Riviera. You will discover how the marvellous concretions, stalactites and stalagmites of these caves were formed in geological times. They were inhabited by prehistoric animals such as the Orsus Spelaeus, whose fascinating fossilised remains you can observe. You will be amazed to see the traces of the first men who visited them in ancient times, the very first steps of man towards civilisation.

All our taxis can, on request, issue receipts and invoices (VAT exempt or at 10% according to law) and accept payment with the most prestigious credit cards (service to be requested in advance).

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