Radio Taxi Savona groups The taxis of the municipality of Savona and the taxis of the two albisole, thus being able to count on a considerable number of cars and to quickly reach the different points of the city and the area Savona-Albisole. Taxi Savona guarantees a complete coverage of the territory for any need of urban and suburban mobility.

Our modern car park is equipped with large minivan cars up to 7 seats and comfortable station wagons.

Radio Taxi Savona offers 24-hour transfers to and from major ports, airports, clinics, hospitals and city centres. The driver will take you to your destination and if you wish will wait for you and bring you back home, avoiding the stress of looking for the desired place and the untraceable parking, also you can wait at the airport or the station and it will take you comfortably to your destination.

Taxi Savona

Our Urban transport services range in the most varied needs of the user, the whole city is served 24 hours on 24 in an average time of 5 minutes, including the San Paolo Hospital and the Mongrifone railway station. Dedicated services for families, tourists, professionals, children, pupils, elderly and disabled, animal transport, documents and delivery of medicines at home complete our offer.

Those who need daily transfers at fixed prices can take advantage of our taxicard. The Taxicard is a free card that allows the customer of blocking the price of the ride for 6 months, putting it away from any increases or due to traffic. With the Taxicard you always know how much you spend and it doesn’t cost you anything!

Contact Us for information on the service and how the taxicard works!

The night service taxi Savona, reachable by telephone at number 019 808080 from midnight to six in the morning, guarantees the presence of taxis necessary for the performance of the service and urgencies in the municipality of Savona and possibly in neighbouring municipalities.

By calling the number 337 260026 After 20 hours it is also possible to call the taxi for the night or the following morning (calls accepted only after 20 per time zone 0.00-6.00).

With the convenient night service you can avoid for example the withdrawal license for excess of alcohol and enjoy a full dinner, an evening with the partner or with friends without the stress of driving risk accidents, points on the driver’s license and heavy Fines!

If I drink I don’t drive… I’il call the TAXI… Alcohol NO PROBLEM!

Maximum safety with TAXI SAVONA! Both at night and day all our taxis are connected by radio to each other and to the operations centre. A modern computer system, easily activable by the driver, manages every attempt of violence inside our taxis, alerting our central and the police immediately and signalling the precise point where the car is located. On our cars you will be safe, always with the utmost discretion and maximum protection.

All of our taxis can, upon request, issue receipt and invoice, and receive payments with the most prestigious credit cards. (Ask the taxi driver at the time of the ride)

Our office is in Savona in via Lichene 6/2 a few steps from the station, but you can find our taxis on all taxi parking in Savona, Albisola Mare and Superiore.

If you want to call a TAXI or have more information, contact Us!